Academic Coaching i
s a working partnership that focuses on the process of learning. Academic Coaches help students examine their learning styles, habits of working , difficulties, and barriers to reaching their full potential. Together they create and implement strategies that lead to academic success.

Your donation make a huge impact on the lives of children in the Triad area.

93% of all funds raised go to mentoring services and mentoring support compared to the *recommended average of 65% .

*BBB Wise Giving Alliance


1-2-1 Mentoring's match rate is 95% verses the national average of just over 50%. This means that almost every child in our program meets with their mentor once a week and their mentoring relationship has lasted over a year.

The 1-2-1 Story
1-2-1 Mentoring was co-founded by us, Carlen Walters and Aimee De Poortere, two mothers who were both searching for a mentor to introduce into our children’s lives.

What we've discovered is that all children can benefit from having this type of relationship -- not just kids who would typically be considered "at-risk." We, as parents, can and should be intentional about helping our children build these relationships.

Family Coaching is provided for families looking to make changes to support their child's growth. Through Integrative Health Coaching  families will discover shifts that can be made to create positive sustainable change in their children. 


Family Coaching involves providing insight and tools needed to realize, create, and implement a plan for sustainable transformative change in order to support the family and child along their journey.

Understanding your child