How it works
Step 1:

Our goal is to make a successful match for your family. The first step in that process is for us to learn about your family’s goals and your child’s needs and interests.

Step 2:
We’ll recommend a mentor for your child. You and your child have the opportunity to get to know the recommended mentor before proceeding.
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Step 3:
Watch as your child develops a positive relationship that has a lasting impact on his or her life.
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Our mentor screening process
We use a research-based mentoring curriculum to facilitate a successful mentor-child match.

  • ​Potential mentors start by filling out a 10-page application and submitting their resume.
  • ​We interview candidates and conduct a full background check on all potential mentors. We use the following screening tools:
    • ​​NC driving record
    • NC criminal record
    • ​National sex offender registry
    • Social Security verification
    • Employment history
    • ​Residence history
    • Our own judgment from having a 100% successful match rate


  • ​Once we've recommended a match for your child, there are steps we suggest parents/guardians take to help ensure the match will be successful:
    • ​​Conduct an informal email or phone interview with any candidate we've recommended.
    • ​Meet for an in-person interview in a public location.
    • Arrange an initial meet-and-greet for your child and the potential mentor doing an activity your child enjoys. Get your son or daughter's approval before moving forward!
    • ​Check the candidate's references.
    • ​Look up the potential mentor online to get a sense of his or her lifestyle, interests, etc. from social media profiles.