Mentoring sessions can include activities like academic support, sports skill development, arts and crafts, mindfulness training, nutrition guidance, navigating peer relations, reading, field trips, hiking, fishing, cooking, etc.

In addition to individualized sessions, our services also include group community-building events.

Why mentor?

Mentoring can both change a child’s life and enrich your own. Here are a few more reasons to get involved and become a 1-2-1 mentor:​

  • ​Mentoring is a resume-builder. It highlights your ability to coach and help others develop.
  • ​Get paid. We offer competitive hourly pay, based on your experience.
  • ​Create a legacy by sharing experiences and having a lasting impact on a young person.
  • ​Help others while also learning from them, and open yourself to a different perspective in the process.​​


We approach our job of matching mentors with children with great care and sincerity. We take inputs from the family, the child and the mentor to create an individualized 1-2-1 team. You’ll receive extensive training and continuous support throughout your time as a 1-2-1 mentor.

Listen to Brian's story

Watch this quick video to hear Brian talk about his experience  as a mentor with 1-2-1 Mentoring.

What 1-2-1 mentors do
Throughout your time as a 1-2-1 mentor, you will:

  • ​Take the time to learn about your mentee.
  • ​Identify and express your mentee's strengths and talents directly to him or her.
  • Acknowledge fears and weaknesses, without allowing your mentee to become overwhelmed.
  • Verbalize expectations.
  • Help your mentee articulate his or her dreams.
  • ​Teach your mentee strategies to manage conflict.
  • ​Create a safe place for your mentee to try out his or her imagined-self.